What services do we provide?

We provide real-time forex signals via email & whatsapp, as well as personal account management services.

How many pips/profit do you make per month?

Our average is 861 pips/month - significantly higher than the industry average. Actual profit will vary per account, as determined by your pip value. For example, an account trading 1 pip = 5$ would profit 4305$ average per month.

Is there a minimum account balance to use the signals??

A 500$ account balance is the minimum recommended, while a 1,000$ account balance or more is considered optimal. Your personal FX Relationship Manager will be in touch with you to help you reduce risk while increasing your profit per trade.

What is the average stop loss and take profit?

Our average stop loss is 104 pips, while our average take profit is 160 pips.

Why is the stop loss so high?

The Forex market is fast-moving and volatile. Consequently, we do not have an edge in trades that yield 20-40 pips profit - by the time we send the signal and you take action, the market could have moved against you 10-20 pips. This would result in a risky trade and potential losses on your part.

As such, we only send "Swing Trades", those which are very high probability trades with a wide stop loss and take profit. You can view our trade performance by clicking here.

Is it safe? Can I lose my money?

The financial markets carry a lot of risk. We do not guarantee that you will not lose money. However, we welcome you to view our trade records and make your own judgement. We've profited every month since our inception, taking carefully selected trades using our in-house developed strategies.

What's the maximum draw down?

We have one of the lowest draw downs in the signaling service industry - our maximum draw down reached is only 12.83%.

Do I need a specific brokerage firm?

You can enjoy our signalling service with any brokerage firm. However, if you wish to use our account management service and have us do all the trading for you, then you must use one of the brokers that we have an agreement with (FX-PRIMUS, FXCM).

Is your service available worldwide?

Our service is available to all countries, no restrictions. As long as you can purchase our service, follow the instructions given, then you will be able to enjoy our service.

Do you trade Forex, CFDs, Indices?

We trade anything that has potential from the currencies basket. We also trade oil contracts.

Is customer support available?

At FX-SignalProvider we would like to a foster a relationship between ourselves and our customers. To that end, you will be provided with a personal FX Relationship Manager. Your manager will be available to answer all your inquiries during working hours and will also be available at certain hours after working hours - ensuring that you're getting the full VIP service.

Can I get a refund?

You are entitled to a refund, no questions asked. Your FX Relationship Manager will reach out to you to try and resolve the issue, if you're still not satisfied your purchase will be refunded.

Will you teach me how to trade?

We offer training courses, however we do not advertise them; instead offering them 1-on-1 based on clients and institutional needs. These courses are available on the first week of every month April, June and August. Get in touch with your FX Relationship Manager and to learn more.